Saturday, December 22, 2007

I placed five bird feeders on the front porch and three more in the front yard - all of them close to the front bay windows of our house. I also placed branches that have fallen off our trees among the evergreen bushes close to our front windows. It sure looks a bit odd, but the finches love to rest here. Sometimes, I have over 20 birds at the feeders and on the branches. Sandy, the name I give to every squirrel in the neighborhood, also comes to feeders. I used to chase them away, but then I realized that these little critters get hungry too and they are really quite adorable to watch.
I feed the birds quite alot in winter when they need it the most. During the rest of the year, I limit the amount of bird feed so that birds do not become solely dependent on the feeders. There's just enough so they get a treat during the day, but then, I let them go empty - especially during the Summer.

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