Friday, November 21, 2008

Turn down the dial of your expectations! It's a simple lesson that has had a powerful impact on my life. When I accepted friends and family just as they are, I vastly improved those relationships. I don't let politics or other view-points bother me. I don't take offense at off-color jokes. And I don't get hurt by unintentional, hurtful remarks. I recognize that God created us all different. We are all unique. And we are all wrong at one time or the other. God didn't create any of us as perfect specimens of goodness or wisdom. We all tend to err and to fail.
Jesus, the Great Teacher, admonished us to forgive 70 times 70! That's a hell-of-alot of forgiving! It's certainly not at all easy to do. But it really has its benefits. I don't harbor any resentments or hatred. Therefore, I am more at peace with every one I meet. I try to be quick to forgive others and I try to be just as quick to ask for forgiveness when I have offended someone. I feel that this compassionate understanding and tolerance of others brings me closer to the Divine Desire for "Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men."

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