Monday, June 29, 2009

I am one of the lucky few. I am afflicted with a terminal disease, but there hasn't been any pain or suffering. Unfortunately, many who are facing death have to endure agonizing torment as they deal with unmanageable pain. Sometimes, the meds only "take the edge off" or give little relief to the pain. It seems to be a horrendous way spend the last few days of one's life. We are kinder to murderers on death row than we are to our own loved ones. We show more compassion to cats, dogs and horses. This is madness. Our sense of morality is so off kilter. Mercy killing is not murder. Showing compassion is not criminal. Our laws which do not allow for death with mercy are immoral, unjust and incredibly unkind. Perhaps, most Americans can't relate to what I am saying, because they haven't experienced constant pain and agony. Perhaps only those who have watched a terminally ill suffer beyond reason will understand the need for more options for the terminally ill.

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